Mobile Instant Messaging

Mobile Instant Messaging for Palm OS

Instant messaging client compatible with many protocols

Webmessenger Mobile Instant Messenger for Palm OS is a Wireless Instant Messaging application for Palm OS devices and phones. The application allows you to chat with buddies on all Public IM Networks (AOL, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk and Jabber) and see their online status. Once you login with WebMessenger, you will be logged automatically into all of the IM Networks you have selected.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Provides multi-network access in a single client. You can simultaneously chat with your buddies from AOL, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk and Jabber simply and conveniently from a single application on your handheld
  • Runs simultaneous with the phone and email applications on your device
  • Can send and receive extended presence information (online, busy, away, and not available) as well as recognize the device of origin (desktop or mobile user)
  • Import contacts from your public IM networks contact lists
  • Manage (add, drop, edit) Contacts can be done from the device
  • Organize Contacts into personalized groups for easy recognition and access
  • Display message history with timestamps
  • Supports shortcuts for quick navigation, show/hide offline buddies, show/hide groups
  • 3DES encryption of the communication (user selectable)
  • Enterprise version available (interoperability with IBM Lotus Sametime, Microsoft LCS, Reuters Messaging, and Jabber XCP)

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Mobile Instant Messaging


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